This post will just be a simple overview comparing the popular database options that are used for web technologies in today’s age.  These databases can be used to power your SaaS (software as a service), blog, user information, inventory, customer relations management, etc….  The possibilities are literally endless.

Microsoft SQL Server MySQL Oracle PostgreSQL SQLite
Maximum Size 524272 TB Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 104 TB
Max Columns Per Row 1024 4096 1000 250-1600 32767
Max Number Size 126 bits 64 bits 126 bits Unlimited 64 bits
Max Char Size 2 GB 64 KB 32767 Bytes 1 GB 2 GB
Temporary Tables Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Cursors Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Native Network Encryption Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Security Certification Yes Yes Yes Yes No


We will discuss these properties in future posts.  JadeServe uses MySQL for a lot of services because it is very easy to deploy, connect to, cost effective, and versatile.  Every database management system has its pros and cons.  SQLite is not the most secure, but it can be deployed in a test environment quickly. Microsoft SQL Server costs quite a bit of money, but it is well supported by Microsoft systems, and MySQL is globally used and cross platform, while being easy to use.  The choice of DBMS largely depends on the environment that it’s going to be used on, the service connecting to it, and the cost to be allocated to it.

JadeServe can help you with all of that, and walk you through it.

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