In one one of my previous posts, “Emails from my website get set to spam.  WHY?”, I briefly mentioned using SPF records to stop other people from using your domain to send emails, and spoofing the headers.

An SPF (Sender Policy Framework) is a TXT record placed on your domain, and contains a white list of senders that are allowed to use your domain.  DNS records, like TXT can not be edited by anyone outside of the domain owners.  This means that it is secure and not subject to being able to be worked around.  JadeServe takes care of this on any domain managed by us, to make it easier for you.

This is what a typical SPF record looks like:

v=spf1 include: ~all

This is a fairly straight forward rule that allows all senders that identify as Google to use your domain for email sending.  If this fails, then there’s a good chance that the email will be sent to spam for not validating.  You should only ever have ONE SPF record on your domain.  If you use more than one, depending on the recipient, who is in charge of checking, it might fail.

A record with more than one host can look like:

v=spf1 include: ~all

This rule will mark any emails that originate from “”, “”, and from the IP Address as “PASS” and the rest will fail.

If you need to set up SPF records, and you do have access to your DNS controls, JadeServe may be able to help!

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