JadeServe offers a wide range of database and hosting services, catered to your exact needs:

  • SQL Databases
  • NoSQL Databases
  • Custom DB Hosting
  • Backup Solutions
  • Database Design
  • Custom Interfaces
  • Software Development
  • Service Monitoring (INCLUDED with any service!)
  • Hosted CRM Solutions
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Bill Payment Gateways
  • Wordpress Site Hosting

If what you need is not listed, or you are not certain what you need, we still may be able to help you with a custom consultation, where we will evaluate your needs and together, we will decide the best course of action for you and your business keeping your users happy and your budget low!

NoSQL Databases

Using MongoDB, we will create and host your NoSQL Databases and build your user interfaces to take advantage of the supreme speed and scalability of the NoSQL data structures.


Custom Interfaces

Whether your databases are hosted in-house, or with us, or any other host, we can create intuitive, user-friendly interfaces for you and your staff, to your specifications, in most any modern programming or scripting language, to unite your business.


Service Monitoring

We can provide up-to-the-minute, 24/7 monitoring of all of your JadeServe services (included with any service purchase!), as well as any of your external services, from one central location, providing real time statistics on latency and downtime.



Our pricing model is based on a "pay for only what you need" model, that is catered to your specific needs. That makes it so you only pay for what you require, and nothing more.

SQL Based Databases

Using the tested, tried, and true methods set forth by SQL, we can set up and maintain your SQL based databases, using Microsoft SQL, MySQL, Oracle, and others. We do all of the coding, so you don't have to. You only need to tell us what your business requires.


Database Design

Our database experts will consult with you to discover your exact needs, to create a database just for you, with no guess work.


Backup Solutions

Does your business have a contingency plan in case of loss of data, either from human error or natural disasters? We do. We can backup and maintain all of your data, offsite, and insured, so you never have to worry about losing your valuable data. Businesses run on data, and we understand that. We can do daily rolling backups, or individual files on-the-fly. You may not be ready when disaster hits, but we are.


Hosted CRM Solutions

We now offer hosted, branded CRM solutions to centrally manage your customers, leads, contracts, and employees. Since this is hosted by us, it is available for all of your employees, securely, wherever they have an internet connection! Our rates start at just 10$ per seat, with discounts for aditional seats. We will work with you to make any customizations you need to make sure you have the best experience for you and your business.